Camp in Luxury in Australia

There are many different types of campgrounds worth exploring across the world. Black Rocks camping area is in Bundjalung National Park at the Park in Esk, New South Wales, Australia.

It is part of the NSW North Coast. It can accommodate campers who like to camp in tents as well as in trailers.

Reservations can be made by calling ahead or booking online. Check in must be after 2 pm. And then check outs are at 10 am.

This campground costs money, both in daily camping fees and park entry fees. It is beautifully set among the dunes and is by Jerusalem Creek and 10 Mile Beach. The beach is actually in walking distance. There is opportunity to paddle along the creek as well.

There also are areas to barbecue meat and have a picnic. This is a place that certainly has it all. A person will want to make sure to bring some bug spray to spray around the circumference of the tent.